Your reputation is important to us and hence character assassination of our clients by malicious persons have resulted in defamation law suits where we prevent or repair the damage to reputation and character with substantial monetary awards for clients.

Breach Of Contract

If people do not honour their agreements, it is an act of betrayal. We aim to hold people to their agreements (verbal or written) and get what you deserve if they have breeched your rights.

Public Service

We have a reputation for developing “Public Service Jurisprudence” based on the hundreds of cases we have successfully done for the ordinary person who work for the state and public sector.


We empathize with the challenges you face due to negligence. Unfortunate incidents occur, and it is crucial to ensure that the responsible party is held legally accountable for their actions. Secure your rightful compensation with us.

Land Disputes

Protecting your property rights and getting what is rightly yours is important and hence we pay particular attention to property disputes to ensure that our client’s rights are not unfairly compromised.

Personal Injury

We understand your pain and suffering. Accidents do happen but the negligent party must be made to face the legal consequences of his actions. Our clients receive proper compensation from insurance companies, employers and negligent parties.

Medical Negligence

We focus on cases where healthcare professionals’ actions or inactions deviate from the accepted standard of care, resulting in harm or injury to patients. Our clients have received substantial financial compensation.

Malicious Prosecution

Abuse of power by police resulting in unjustified criminal charges is unfair and oppressive. We often sue the state for malicious prosecution with compensatory award of damages for our clients.

Commercial Law

Legal disputes hinder the growth and development of business. A quick and effective legal solution is necessary without compromising your rights. Our commercial cases reflect these principles.

Police Brutality

Our firm is dedicated to seeking justice and accountability in cases involving alleged police misconduct, ensuring that individuals’ rights are protected and promoting transparency and fair treatment within law enforcement practices.