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Anand Ramlogan SC


Anand is a British Chevening scholarship winner and a graduate of the University of London (Queen Mary and West Field) the, University of West Minster and the University of the West Indies. He holds a Masters in Commercial Law and has won several academic prizes at the Cavehill Campuss of the UWI. He has over twenty four (24) years’ experience as a lawyer and was trained by the late Sir. Fenton Ramsahoye QC SC.

He has a formidable reputation as an advocate and has fought numerous historic landmark cases that have helped to transform and develop the law. He appears in the Court of Appeal and Privy Council and has argued hundreds of cases. He is a member of the Bar of England and Wales and the British Virgin Islands and has practiced in many Caribbean jurisdictions. He provides legal advice to a number of Governments, law firms, public bodies and NGOs and is regularly retained to lead legal teams, in complex disputes to vindicate the rights of aggrieved clients.

As Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago (2010-2015) he controlled the legislative agenda for Parliament, represented the state at numerous international fora including the Caribbean Financial Task Force, CARICOM, Common Wealth Law Ministers and the United Nations. He successfully spearheaded the Government’s legal strategy and representation in several multimillion dollar arbitrations and was involved in high level negotiations to resolve international legal disputes.

Known as the poor man’s champion, because of his passion for justice and willingness to challenge the status quo on behalf of the average man. He is compassionate and caring in his approach to cases.

Known as the poor man’s champion because of his passion for justice and willingness to challenge the system on behalf of the average man, he is a forceful advocate who is determined to succeed.

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